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Understanding the need of many entrepreneurs who want to operate both the online and physical shop, SmartOSC has developed an online solution to be deployed in classic store, taking advantage of the rich feature of the most popular E-commerce platform Magento.

POS, as Point-Of-Sale, is a common term for every business. POS terminals, referring to the hardware and software used for the checkouts at the location where a transaction occurs, also mean a robust and expensive system related to the business core, the selling process.

In the Internet era, online business is an indispensable distribution channel that anyone can’t ignore. Physical presence is not enough. What will happen if you operate the online and offline shop at the same time? Manually update the stock each time an order is placing in one of those shops? Spend time to check the availability of each product when a customer comes in? Afraid of selling an out-of-stock item? Tired of apologizing to the customer?

Our X-POS can ease this pain for Magento stores owners and administrators. Easily installed in your Magento system, intuitive interface, able to show on touch screen, X-POS has all the features of a classic POS, but online.

This solution will help you:

  • Save operation time with barcode scan
  • Synchronize the stock in online and physical store in a blink
  • Enhance the customer satisfaction by allowing 0 errors in order processing
  • Take advantage of the most popular ecommerce platform Magento
  • Reduce investment cost by deploying only one system for both online and offline sale
  • Improve the efficiency with a clear global strategy applied to different distribution channels

This amazing solution will be released next week! Stay tuned!

This extension has been developed to provide our SmartOSC’s clients with a smart Point-Of-Sale system, which helps reduce the cost and optimize their return on investment (ROI). Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.

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