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From a simple setup to a sophisticated feature and data migration, our experience and expertise will ensure your website integrity in the renowned eCommerce platform Magento.

Why Magento?

The continuously growing e-commerce world creates the steady need of keeping the technology up-to-date to maintain or even enhance the business position and to give your customers an impressive visit experience. Being the most powerful e-commerce platform having high flexibility and scalability, Magento is the ideal solution for all businesses eager to gain online revenue.

Migration is a process of transferring legacy design, data, feature into a new system and verifying the result. The richness and flexibility of the Magento platform usually create various migration schemes. From website analysis to post migration activities, our expert will guide you through this time-consuming process whose complexity is typically under-estimated.


Migration Process – Case Study TrendLovers

Elements migrated: Design, Products, Categories, Orders, Customers, Payment gateways, Shipping carriers, Backend admin, Custom features development, Store Configurations.

Benefits from our plan:

– Ensure full integrity and utilization of your current design, feature, data and process in Magento platform
– Safely migrate from old platform to Magento
– Guarantee 100% Magento compliant and no data loss
– Reduce time to market
– Deploy the test-driven methodology
– Minimize operational impacts & risks
– Improve the website quality and stability

Feel free to contact us if you would like to get a free piece of advice on your store migration.

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