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SmartOSC is proud to be the winner of the Imagine Challenge 2013 featuring our X-POS, the premier point of sales system for Magento. The solution is trusted by hundreds of merchants from all over the world, and is widely used in Australia, UK and the US.

With X-POS, merchants are able to:

  • Reduce investment by deploying only one system for both online and offline sale
  • Improve the efficiency with an intuitive user interface, barcode scan option and fast search function
  • Provide a quick checkout while integrated to credit card swiper
  • Ensure 100% uptime on store operations – using offline mode
  • Customize their own custom attribute for search

We are working hard on improving the POS solution for Magento by making our X-POS effective, fast and easy to use day by day.

X-POS / Point-of-sales solution

Curious about the solution? Shop with us now or contact us for more details.

Annually, in connection with the Magento Conference the Imagine Challenge is held with the purpose of sharing innovation and creativity among the community of Magento users and lovers. The Magento Imagine Challenge this year received a total of 172 entries in 3 different categories: Site Design, Site Promotions and Customizations.

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