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SmartOSC has just released the latest X-POS version 2.4 with advanced functionality, making the X-POS one of the most rich featured Point of Sales in the market.

Regardless of the exiting features such as  friendly user interface, cash drawer report, opening cash drawer through receipt printer, offline mode, swipe function for credit card, barcode support, etc., the latest X-POS is optimized with the feature set as following:

> Cashier function with authorization and management

> New sales report in Magento backend per person and per day.

> Layout is updated with improvement in responsive and touch pad features, improving layout and user’s experience via quantity and custom price updated.

>  Support PaypalHere

> Change the way to disable download data to local notification

> Remember Expand/collapse block

> Add more default information for Guest

Especially, the credit card data is higher-level secured in the payment of X-POS in this version:

– User can lock POS screen with one click and have to log in again.

– POS screen locks after not being used for configurable number of minutes, and display login.

– User can only see first two and last four digits of swiped credit card info (45**********5478) (can be disabled in backend).

– Credit card data is not stored in any form after being sent to Payment Gateway.

– When user switches to new payment method, the payment information disappear.

– Masked CC number is printed on receipt

Besides, X-POS v2.4 has big improvement on usability:

– The “custom price” checkbox is removed. If users want to apply new price for one product, users can click on current price then the textbox will display to fill the new amount.

– The Tooltip to remind client when they forget clicking the “Update item & quantity” button.

– The Tooltip when hover on price column to remind users that they can click on price column to apply custom price.

– User can increase and reduce quantity of product item by using + and – icon next to quantity input.

This X-POS 2.4 has also been fixed some existing issues informed by clients such as customer’s region issue, discount issues, timeout reload local database and several other minor bugs.

The X-POS version 2.4 is now available in OUR SHOP.

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