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As E-commerce expert, we understand that handling the complexity of wholesale orders on online store is no easy task. Wholesalers are greedy people: they buy in large quantity, they ask for preferential prices, they need special customer service but they don’t want to wait too long. They want the wholesale purchase to be as fast and convenient as possible.

So, have you ever ask yourself: “can your Magento store satisfy all these needs”?

In regard to your concerns, SmartOSC has recently launched X-B2B – a complete solution for wholesale problem. Focus on simplifying wholesale purchase, X-B2B provides your Magento site with a pretty and business-friendly interface, fast checkout for wholesale customers, and a supportive chat system. With X-B2B, your wholesale customers can create bulk order in a flash, send the quotation and chat with sales staff right on the site.

That’s how stronger business relation being built and no more big deals getting lost.

Once X-B2B has been installed, your magento site will be equiped with these following features:

Front-end features for wholesale customers:

  • Stock view: Detailed product display with current stock level for simple and configurable products.
  • Bulk ordering: The B2B customer can instantly add a large quantity of products to cart, right from the listing page.

  • Quick ordering: lets the customer use his preferred way of ordering – scan the items from your catalogue, upload a order file, or just add by quick search to his basket.

  • One-click checkout: Place orders with default address and payment mehod.

  • Quotations: Request a quotation directly from your basket, and get quoted through the website.
  • Chat system: Communicate on the spot with online sales persons. No need to use separate communication systems.

Back-end features for admin:

  • Management: Get full control of B2B customer membership, and select which features they can use.
  • Quotations: Prompt response to quotation request, adding discount for each.
  • Quotation history: Track history quotes in Magento, easily accessed by both customers and seller.
  • Build B2B relationships: Make the B2B customers feel exclusive with special features tailored for wholesalers.
  • Chat system: Track history of customer requests, and be able to serve the customer while they are shopping.

So, do these features meet your expectations? Is there any other problem with wholesale order you find unsolved by X-B2B? Kindly drop us a line in the comment box.

And if you are not sure how it works, just visit our demo store to explore all features our extension brings to you. You can access it by links below:

Front-end: admin@smartosc.com / admin123

Back-end: admin / admin123

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  • Mehmet:

    Hi, currently we are selling men’s dress shirts directly to consumers via our website. We would like to start wholesale to men’s specialty stores. For tis we need to purchase the right wholesale extension.
    We need some advise. men’s dress shirts run with neck size and sleeve lengths. we would like to show it on the check our order page.

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