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POS_custom options

POS magento with custom options products.


You, as a retailer, do you agree that your products are more than just a name and a price? Do you think that they are unique, having colors, sizes, types and other countless widgets that we can not list all?

So, how about selling custom made-to-order products – with dozens of options, some modify the price, some require custom input by the customers, etc… rather than fighting with an system that wanted to set strict definitions on what the product can and can’t be?

These are what we want to bring to you in X-POS 3.3. With new “Custom Options” feature, salesman at retail store can sell things in various options – just like on Magento online store. No need to create hundreds of simple products to combine into one configurable products. Just create custom options in Magento backend, the information will flow straight into X-POS. Easy, fast and flexible!

To enable the features, go straight to your Magento admin – Catalog – Manage products – Custom options.

Now you can see a list of options with various inputs. Just add any nescessary ones, these will be display in the X-POS system after reloading. All you need to do is to start selling unique, fine-tuned products at your retail store.

Take a demo tour right now:

X-POS 3.3
Frontend / Backend
Login: admin / admin123

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