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X-B2B – Growing your wholesale potentials

X-B2B – Growing your wholesale potentials

Oct 2014
 - Posted by: Thanh Nga in E-Commerce News, Smart News
  As E-commerce expert, we understand that handling the complexity of wholesale orders on online store is no easy task. Wholesalers are greedy people: they buy in large quantity, they ask for preferential prices, they need special customer service but they don’t want to wait too long. They want the wholesale purchase to be as […] [Read more]
Ecommerce Integration – Virtual Logistics and SmartOSC Partner
SmartOSC Corp. and Virtual Logistics Inc. today announced the formation of a partnership to combine web store development expertise and back-end integration expertise for customers around the world. Using SmartOSC’s, Magento based SAAS ecommerce platform and Virtual Logistics’ SAAS Integration as a service platform, customers can now take advantage of a complete and fully integrated […] [Read more]