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Support for Izettle payment gateway in X-POS App 1.3!
Understanding the need for a better payment gateway coverage for European countries, this March, SmartOSC has launched the newest version of iPad X-POS – with strong integration with iZettle – one of Europe’s leading payment gateway. As a  world-class payment gateway, iZettle has been helping over 15,000 businesses to process credit card payments from customers […] [Read more]
X-POS 3.3 – Start selling products with custom options!

X-POS 3.3 – Start selling products with custom options!

Feb 2015
 - Posted by: Thanh Nga in Smart News
  You, as a retailer, do you agree that your products are more than just a name and a price? Do you think that they are unique, having colors, sizes, types and other countless widgets that we can not list all? So, how about selling custom made-to-order products – with dozens of options, some modify the price, some require custom input by […] [Read more]
X-POS Advanced – a smart point of sales solution for modern retail
  As retailers, we all know the importance of a smart point of sales system to our business success. To make retail better, last May, SmartOSC introduced the updated X-POS 3.0 – the most reliable point of sales soltution in the market. Now, we are delighted to launch a totally brand new point of sales […] [Read more]
X-POS 3.1 – The most powerful point of sales solution for Magento
  By the end of July, SmartOSC has released the latest version of X-POS, featuring new functions, speed optimization and perfect offline mode, making the X-POS 3.1 the most powerful point of sales solution for Magento. X-POS 3.1 will give you an extraordinary speed you’ve never seen before. This extension enables you not only to process […] [Read more]