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New Magento module for eWay payment service
  SmartOSC is proud to announce the release of a new Magento module for eWAY payment service. Using this module developed by SmartOSC,  any eCommerce business can easily integrate eWAY as a payment method within their Magento website. As a global online payment gateway, eWAY has been helping over 15,000 businesses to process credit card […] [Read more]
X-POS 3.3 – Start selling products with custom options!

X-POS 3.3 – Start selling products with custom options!

Feb 2015
 - Posted by: Thanh Nga in Smart News
  You, as a retailer, do you agree that your products are more than just a name and a price? Do you think that they are unique, having colors, sizes, types and other countless widgets that we can not list all? So, how about selling custom made-to-order products – with dozens of options, some modify the price, some require custom input by […] [Read more]
X-B2B – Growing your wholesale potentials

X-B2B – Growing your wholesale potentials

Oct 2014
 - Posted by: Thanh Nga in E-Commerce News, Smart News
  As E-commerce expert, we understand that handling the complexity of wholesale orders on online store is no easy task. Wholesalers are greedy people: they buy in large quantity, they ask for preferential prices, they need special customer service but they don’t want to wait too long. They want the wholesale purchase to be as […] [Read more]
SmartOSC will be at Magento Imagine 2014, will you?

SmartOSC will be at Magento Imagine 2014, will you?

Apr 2014
 - Posted by: baolh in Smart News
SmartOSC is pleased to announce that we are a Silver sponsor of the upcoming Magento Imagine. Imagine is Magento’s flagship e-commerce event, held on MAY 12th – 14th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. At present, Magento, an eBay, Inc. company, accounts for more than 25% of the leading e-commerce sites, and […] [Read more]
SmartOSC announces the release of X-Multi-Vendor 2.0
X-Multi-Vendor is our e-commerce solution for Magento shop owners who have a shopping mall, a marketplace or use a revenue sharing business model. The solution gives you the capabilities to manage multiple vendors which separate panels where they can manage products, view their earning, and their payout balance. Integrating all the features of Magento, X-Multi-Vendor […] [Read more]
Magento is the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platform over the recent years. There are Magento Go, Magento Community, Magento Enterprise and Magento Professional. Let’s explore all of them and compare them to see which one is right fit for your business. Magento Go Edition Magento Go is specially designed for small businesses to create […] [Read more]
X POS Point of Sale v.2: Advanced Search Configuration
X-POS 2.3.1 is the latest release of the POS solution from SmartOSC, featuring new functionalities and improvements. New Features: – Advanced search configuration – faster and more accurate searches – Email notification to shop-owner – Handle both Billing and Shipping address in X-POS interface I. Advanced Search Configuration This feature gives the shop owner several […] [Read more]
X-POS/Point-of-sales solution wins Grand Prize in Magento Imagine Challenge
SmartOSC is proud to be the winner of the Imagine Challenge 2013 featuring our X-POS, the premier point of sales system for Magento. The solution is trusted by hundreds of merchants from all over the world, and is widely used in Australia, UK and the US. With X-POS, merchants are able to: Reduce investment by […] [Read more]
The premier point of sale solution for your brick-and-mortar store!
Aiming to repeat the success of last years entry in the Imagine Challenge, we have entered the competition this year with a showcase for a client using our point-of-sale extension. Check out the entry and support by voting for us! Point-of-Sale for Magento – “The premier point of sale solution for your brick-and-mortar store. Remove […] [Read more]
Dropship integration for Magento

Dropship integration for Magento

May 2012
 - Posted by: rascator in Smart News
Using the Dropship integration Magento web store owners will be able to sell products through multiple drop shippers, vendors, and suppliers. The check out process will be simplified as customers can choose from various shipping options on checkout and therefore, save time and cut the cost of the shipping fees. Each of the suppliers/vendors will […] [Read more]