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X-POS 3.1 – The most powerful point of sales solution for Magento
  By the end of July, SmartOSC has released the latest version of X-POS, featuring new functions, speed optimization and perfect offline mode, making the X-POS 3.1 the most powerful point of sales solution for Magento. X-POS 3.1 will give you an extraordinary speed you’ve never seen before. This extension enables you not only to process […] [Read more]
SmartOSC extensions are now compatible with Magento CE 1.8
This September, Magento announced the release of Community Edition 1.8. A quick walk-through of the major changes: – Tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants was enhanced and the potential rounding errors that confused buyers and could make your POS receipt look wrong, was terminated. Guidance on tax configurations and Canadian tax requirements was also updated. […] [Read more]
X POS Point of Sale v.2: Advanced Search Configuration
X-POS 2.3.1 is the latest release of the POS solution from SmartOSC, featuring new functionalities and improvements. New Features: – Advanced search configuration – faster and more accurate searches – Email notification to shop-owner – Handle both Billing and Shipping address in X-POS interface I. Advanced Search Configuration This feature gives the shop owner several […] [Read more]
X-POS/Point-of-sales solution wins Grand Prize in Magento Imagine Challenge
SmartOSC is proud to be the winner of the Imagine Challenge 2013 featuring our X-POS, the premier point of sales system for Magento. The solution is trusted by hundreds of merchants from all over the world, and is widely used in Australia, UK and the US. With X-POS, merchants are able to: Reduce investment by […] [Read more]