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If you have a growing business and want to expand your revenue stream in Canada, there’s a pretty good chance that you are or will be a partner of Ingram Micro (IM), the largest global wholesale provider of technology products & supply chain management services. For that, you can’t miss this extension, a comprehensive tool which organizes the orders and products from IM to right inside your Magento admin panel.


1. Order management:

– On one side, convenient grid view with search and sort functions gives you an overview of your sales activities. On the other side, order view give you a clearly view of the detailed information of orders, along with the order line items.

– Automatically grab items from Magento orders to create new order on IM so that at the end of day you don’t have to manually scan all orders, extract items and add them to the list before making order request to IM.

– Order release option allows you to decide whether to release order automatically or not, or to remain on hold for extended period. You could set the Backorder processing option if you want to order even when product is out of stock and ship when it is available at the warehouse.

– Easy save and load shipping profile with Drop Ship Id management. Let’s skip the boring task of filling lengthy address lines each time an order is created, as every new shipping address is automatically stored for later use.

– Check order status is a very simple way to know the current conditions of your order.

2. Product Management:

– You could check price and the availability of any stocks at any time. Stock can even be tracked to warehouse for estimated time of arrival.

– In addition, you could even add the product to your Magento store having most of the input fields automatically filled with data returned from this request.

Tags: Ingram Micro CA, integration, Magento, SmartOSC


  • Darren:

    Is this extension available to purchase? Will it work with Ingrammicro UK?

    If so, are you able to demonstrate the extension?

    I look forward to hearing from you


  • Tim:

    I would like to know more about this extension as I plan to launch my store in a couple months. Can I have some more information please?

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