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Magento integration with Supercom

Apr 2012
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A must-have extension for shop owners which help to streamline the order process and improve workflow for better product management between two systems. This integration with Supercom, one of the most preferred distributors of computer products and consumer electronic products will surely save you a lot of time and money.


1. Order management:

– Convenient grid view with search and sort functions is always the simplest way to have an overview of your sales activities. Moreover, data could be synchronized back from Supercome with just one click.

– Create new order with many configurable options: Requests sent to Supercom can be an action of Check, Quote or Order. Shipping status and note can also be added. Order can be created even when the product is out of stock with backorder option selected.

– Easy save and load shipping profile with Drop Ship Id management. Let’s skip the boring task of filling lengthy address lines each time an order is created, as every new shipping address is automatically stored for later use.

– Get tracking information for an order from Supercome, including tracking number, carrier code, serial number and part number. Up to 200 tracking codes are returned.

2.  Product Management:

– You could check price and availability of any stocks at any time. Stock can also be tracked to warehouse for estimated time of arrival.

– If the product’s price and availability haven’t satisfied you yet, detailed product attributes like image, product dimension, universal product code, category, etc. can also be obtained through product specification request. In additions, you can even add the product to your Magento store having most of the input fields automatically filled with data returned from this request.

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