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Aiming to repeat the success of last years entry in the Imagine Challenge, we have entered the competition this year with a showcase for a client using our point-of-sale extension. Check out the entry and support by voting for us!

Point-of-Sale for Magento – “The premier point of sale solution for your brick-and-mortar store. Remove the hassle of syncing with external systems, and handle everything within your Magento shop. The X-POS runs directly in a browser, providing ultra-fast product searches, and takes care of the sale process in a simple one-screen user-interface.”

The POS solution is created on top of Magento to avoid having to sync products to an external system, and thereby make sure that stock and products are always 100% up-to-date.

Alarmbika POS Magento

The solution gives Alambika the ability to make their sales at a single page interface that supports searching by barcodes, credit card swiper features, and also handling sales when internet connectivity disappears.

This setup makes www.alambika.ca able to save time on the daily work of stock counting, sales report, and it also made their brick-and-mortar shop able to improve their POS activities without investing in new hardware.

Click here to vote our entry: http://goo.gl/az6hh

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