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X-POS 2.3.1 is the latest release of the POS solution from SmartOSC, featuring new functionalities and improvements.

New Features:

– Advanced search configuration – faster and more accurate searches
– Email notification to shop-owner
– Handle both Billing and Shipping address in X-POS interface

I. Advanced Search Configuration

This feature gives the shop owner several options to make the search results more accurate. You can now set search options based on Attribute, Product status (Enable/Disable), Stock availability (Out of stock/In-stock), Product type (Simple/Configured/Bundled) or Visibility (Catalog, search/Catalog/Search/Not visible individually)

II. Email Notification Owner

We added functionality for sending a separate order confirmation, so shopowner can send email to himself or for example to automatically notify other department on orders made. The shop-owner can decide who and how many will receive the email notification, which template to use. The notification email template can be defined in Magento’s Transaction Email Configuration.

III. User can enter separate Billing address for Orders

With version 2.3.1 of the X-POS, the shop-owner can now edit the full billing address (street, country, postal code, etc.) when creating new customer and for Existing customers. X-POS display the billing information after searching existing customer successfully and add default billing address for Guest in X-POS Configuration page, so this information can be used for Guest Checkout too.


Together with new functionalities, X-POS version 2.3.1 also have included improvements such as:
1. Speed optimization of download speed and switch block speed (code optimization).
2. Remove/compress elements in 40mm invoice, so after printing, invoice will not be too long
3. Expand/Collapse blocks (Default is Collapse for these block: Coupon code, Shipping, Comments, Receipts) and add fluid parameters for trying to stay within screen-view width and height so Shop-owner can still view X-POS Footer on some smaller screens (for example terminals/iPad)

For more information about the X-POS extension please click HERE!

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