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The X-POS – our advanced point-of-sales extension for Magento has been upgraded to version 2.4.1 with new and optimized features:

1. Control Cashier Permissions for Access to Warehouses

In the previous version we created the roles for admin and cashiers to create more detailed management. In this version, X-Multiwarehouse is combined with X-POS 2.4.1 so that you can administer the permissions for each cashier to access specific warehouses.

2. Display more Customer’s Information on X-POS Screen

We have changed the customer account block for enhanced usability on X-POS screen. Default the POS order will check out as a Guest, and the simplified layout just display the Existing customer or to Create new customer tab. See illustration here:

Furthermore, a few bugs has been removed, and parts of the code has been optimized for faster operation.

Check out OUR WEBSITE for more information on our X-POS solution.

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