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SmartOSC is delighted to announce the release of X-Barcode/RMA version 2.8 with the following new features implemented:

1. Find Products with Barcode on Manage Products screen

You can now search for a product by selecting the name field box then scanning product barcode. The sequence is illustrated as follows: Catalog > Manage products > Select name field and scan barcode

2. Move Inventory between Warehouses

X-Multiwarehouse is now fully integrated into XBarcode/RMA 2.8 so you can simply move the inventory between warehouses by going to: SmartOSC > XBarcode > Count Inventory

From this screen, you can find products, and edit / update the quantity for a product and hit the “Correct” button. The system will then automatically calculate the current quantity for all warehouses. If you want to update the quantity for a specific warehouse, select that warehouse and repeat the process. In order to move quantity among warehouses, select one warehouse at a time and change your number with “Plus” and “Reduce” buttons.

3. Customize paper size 

If the printing barcode function in the previous version supports A4 (210mm * 297mm) and A5 (148mm * 210mm) paper size, X-Barcode/RMA 2.8 allows you to customize your own paper size. This can be easily configured by going to: System > Configuration > X-Barcode/RMA > Choose custom size in the paper size box. Then enter paper width and height for your desired label and hangtag.

Also, severals bugs have been fixed in this version.

To learn more about the solution, visit OUR STORE for complete details.


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