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By beginning of July, X-Multiwarehouse version 1.1 was released by SmartOSC with two main feature improvement as following:

1. Set shipping via Table Rate:

This updated  X-Multiwarehouse version 1.1 makes shipping selectable for each warehouse. The table rate shipping can take Warehouse ID and set shipping prices, especially flat shipping for the Warehouse. This version is also added condition for table rates for warehouse such as: Weight and Destination, Price and Destination.

2. New page “Manage Inventory” support moving inventory between warehouses:

X-Multiwarehouse 1.1 has the new page for managing products in Warehouse (not using Product manager to avoid conflict with other extensions).  In this page shop owner can view and manage inventory by changing inventory for one location and moving inventory through simple behavior in Magento back-end.

The Manage Inventory page is created with the overview of multiple products – display columns for all stock / stock for each warehouse with stock editable stock field. With move function, shop owner can select two warehouses, they will then be in sync (and the stock will change sum between the fields). Together with that, global stock updates automatically when stock for a warehouse is changed. Daily update of stock changes from log file is sent to warehouse owners, with note on which stock has changed in their store.

With the existing features supporting creating and maintaining warehouses, added with inventory management and moving inventories between warehouses, X-Multiwarehouse is on the way to best meet the client’s requirement soon.

The X-Multiwarehouse version 1.1 is now available IN OUR SHOP

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