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Magento is the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platform over the recent years. There are Magento Go, Magento Community, Magento Enterprise and Magento Professional. Let’s explore all of them and compare them to see which one is right fit for your business.

Magento Go Edition

Magento Go is specially designed for small businesses to create fully equipped online stores fast and easy. This solution is for those who want an eStore, but are without the technical resources to build and customize their own store. With Magneto Go, you don’t have to worry about installing any software or administering any servers as the edition is armed with powerful web-based tools to leverage your business.

Magento Community Edition (Magento CE)

The Community Edition is open source and free to download. It can be customized and modified to suit your needs, giving a very powerful e-commerce site where the only cost is in the design and implementation of the core software. As its origin indicates, the Magento CE provides answers to complex questions through community forum sites where people share their knowledge, exchange tips and offer support. The biggest impediment is that the solution is not supported by the Magento team. Nevertheless, the Community Edition continues to grow at a rapid pace as it serves as a basic and powerful solution for small shops operating on an e-Commerce platform.

Magento Enterprise Edition (Magento EE)

The Enterprise Edition provides the same core functionality with the Community Edition. However, some users require more advanced features or has the need for deep customization and major functionality changes. As a result, Magento EE was created to address these concerns. It includes several revenue-boosting features, complete control of functionality and is fully supported by the Magento team. The solution is ideal for businesses’ who require a production-ready, enterprise-grade and robust e-commerce platform, and you can feel safe with a top-notch Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Magento Professional

The professional also has the same base as the Magento Community, but this edition offers additional revenue-generating features. However, Magento discontinued this edition a few years ago since there was not much differences between Professional and Enterprise. Thus, keeping Professional was unreasonable for Magento and for businesses who recognize great value in Enterprise for their customers.

Which one suits your business?

Now, determining the right fit for your business can be tough. Looking at factors at business level may be helpful:

All the current solutions that Magento is offering are valuable. The key is to define your needs and long-term goals with careful assessment and planning to choose the right fit for your business.

Contact us to learn more about Magento and the various editions. We are happy to work with you in developing your Magento store and to help make sure it delivers the right outcome for you.

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