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This September, Magento announced the release of Community Edition 1.8. A quick walk-through of the major changes:

– Tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants was enhanced and the potential rounding errors that confused buyers and could make your POS receipt look wrong, was terminated. Guidance on tax configurations and Canadian tax requirements was also updated.
– About 350 functional improvements were implemented to boost product quality in key areas, including shopping cart and web API components.
– A better shopping experience is now possible due to faster page-loading in the checkout process and optimized cache adapters for single server systems.
– Security was strengthened through a number of security enhancements
– The requirement to have globally unique category and product URL keys was removed, which allows greater flexibility in your URL structures.

Check out their release notes to learn more details about all the improvements.

SmartOSC is delighted to announce that our extensions are now compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.8:

X-POS – Point of Sales System

Operating both online and physical stores now becomes seamless with X-POS, a complete point of sale system for Magento. No more worries about out-of-stock item, mismatched inventory, slow stock update, website running down between update, etc. This solution reduces investment by deploying only one system for both online and offline sale, improves the efficiency with intuitive user interface, barcode scan option and fast search function, supports credit card swiper and makes sure you system has 100% uptime.


The X-Barcode/RMA is a solution for handling your inventory as fast and efficient as the combination of a PC, barcode scanner, and Magento allows. The Barcode module standardizes the product lifecycle using an efficient method for creating, printing and retrieving products via the use of barcodes. Meanwhile, the RMA module simplifies the operation for online business in the return and exchange process.


The X-Multi-Warehouse extension makes it possible to manage several locations efficiently through the backend. With multiple-location capabilities using simple Magento interface, you can easily keep track of inventory for your store. You will be able to create multiple locations for your items, edit inventory for each warehouse, transfer stock between warehouses and set different shipping fees for each warehouse using table rates.


The X-Multi-vendor is an extension that makes your Magento website into an online Marketplace. It gives your site the capability to run with multiple vendors. The vendors have separate admin area to manage their products, view their earnings and the payout balance. You will as a an admin validate information, set the shipping and taxes, and be able to pull out reports for all vendors.

To learn more details about the product family, visit our online store.

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