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As retailers, we all know the importance of a smart point of sales system to our business success. To make retail better, last May, SmartOSC introduced the updated X-POS 3.0 – the most reliable point of sales soltution in the market. Now, we are delighted to launch a totally brand new point of sales solution – X-POS advanced – a combo of web-based POS and Ipad POS, with significant features, helping you optimize your sales potentials.



This solution offers you an extraordinary speed you’ve never seen before. The web-based X-POS 3.1, after being improved, enables you not only to process orders within seconds, but also to have the inventory updated automatically every minute. In case of rush hour, you can maximize the speed by using iPad X-POS – an iPad Apps linked to your Magento store – to process orders anytime, anywhere in the store. No more customers waiting and no more time being wasted.


Along with the speed, the mobility of the solution will help you achieve sales optimization easily. No more lines of customers waiting for payment. You can turn any iPad into a point of sales, to have unlimited tills always ready to serve your customers. So, sales are always available, anywhere and anytime in the store. No more deal being missed.

Now every iPad is a till

Now every iPad is a till

The X-POS advanced also have a neat and simple interface, in both web-based and iPad version. Even the least experienced cashier can learn to use it within minutes. You, and your business will benefit from lower training costs, as well as fewer checkout errors from staff.

The neat interface helps speed up all transaction

The neat interface helps speed up all transaction

Continuing with the proved stability from X-POS 3.0, the X-POS advanced still allows you to process orders without internet connection, and moreover, even when the electricity is gone, since you can always use the iPad to make transactions.

In addition, this extension also equiped with many intereresting features like: instant discount, customized-tax, email receipt…, making retail more convenient and enjoyable. You can discover all these interesting features here.

Still not sure how fast and easy X-POS advanced could be?
You can always take a demo tour using our store setup as below

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iPad X-POS
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