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Sales management matters. Running both a webshop and a retail store, you need a powerful tool to handle the complexibility of the data you receive at the end of each day. You need to know exactly where your revenue comes from: in which store, which till and by which payment method. Long ago, business owner have to go between different reports of different stores, but now, with X-POS 3.3, all data you need are at one place, easy to access with a single mouse click.

In addition to top speed, great stability and friendly interface, here are some new features that you will love from this version:

Quick report (X-Report)
The quick report is meant to give the sales person an easy way to see what he/she has sold in the ongoing sales session. Creating the report does not modify or alter any information, but it lets you print a quick view of sales status for each payment method.

pos_magento_x report

Quick Report – display view of amounts per payment method

End-of-day report (Z-Report)
The till or end of day report is intended to support in counting the register/till at the end of the day. The till gives access to the following actions:
• Perform End-of-Day counting of any received transaction
• Count cash per denominations
• Print report
• Close till – which will reset amounts for both X and Z report.


End of Day – or – Close Till report – displaying sales per payment method

The popup window for Close Till display sales per payment methods. It will list:
 Cash (X-POS Cash)
 Checks (Check and Money Order)
 Credit Card (X-POS CC, Credit Card (Saved))
 Other payments (Any other enabled payment methods)
The user can click into the field for each payment method in Manual column to enter amounts when making the end-of-day count. For payment methods Cash, you can click into “Count” button and make a count per denomination (you can set the denomination to use in configuration).

Above all, it is possible to get an overview of all orders created in the X-POS through the Order report in the Magento backend which can grouped in several different ways for your liking.


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