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New Magento module for eWay payment service
  SmartOSC is proud to announce the release of a new Magento module for eWAY payment service. Using this module developed by SmartOSC,  any eCommerce business can easily integrate eWAY as a payment method within their Magento website. As a global online payment gateway, eWAY has been helping over 15,000 businesses to process credit card […] [Read more]
Speed optmization in X-POS 2.4.3

Speed optmization in X-POS 2.4.3

Mar 2014
 - Posted by: anhhh in Magento Modules
This March, SmartOSC have just upgraded X-POS to version 2.4.3 with two main enhancement: 1. Making credit memos (refunds) and Accessing / displaying orders from backend in X-POS GUI. 2. Speed optimization The refund functionality works by giving access to see completed orders from Magento backend, opening them, and performing the default Credit Memo right […] [Read more]
SmartOSC announces the release of X-Multi-Vendor 2.0
X-Multi-Vendor is our e-commerce solution for Magento shop owners who have a shopping mall, a marketplace or use a revenue sharing business model. The solution gives you the capabilities to manage multiple vendors which separate panels where they can manage products, view their earning, and their payout balance. Integrating all the features of Magento, X-Multi-Vendor […] [Read more]
SmartOSC extensions are now compatible with Magento CE 1.8
This September, Magento announced the release of Community Edition 1.8. A quick walk-through of the major changes: – Tax calculation accuracy for VAT merchants was enhanced and the potential rounding errors that confused buyers and could make your POS receipt look wrong, was terminated. Guidance on tax configurations and Canadian tax requirements was also updated. […] [Read more]
Control Cashier Permissions for Access to Warehouses
The X-POS – our advanced point-of-sales extension for Magento has been upgraded to version 2.4.1 with new and optimized features: 1. Control Cashier Permissions for Access to Warehouses In the previous version we created the roles for admin and cashiers to create more detailed management. In this version, X-Multiwarehouse is combined with X-POS 2.4.1 so […] [Read more]
Moving inventory between warehouses is now possible with X-Barcode/RMA 2.8
SmartOSC is delighted to announce the release of X-Barcode/RMA version 2.8 with the following new features implemented: 1. Find Products with Barcode on Manage Products screen You can now search for a product by selecting the name field box then scanning product barcode. The sequence is illustrated as follows: Catalog > Manage products > Select […] [Read more]
X-Multiwarehouse v.1.1 – A solution for warehouse management and moving inventory
By beginning of July, X-Multiwarehouse version 1.1 was released by SmartOSC with two main feature improvement as following: 1. Set shipping via Table Rate: This updated  X-Multiwarehouse version 1.1 makes shipping selectable for each warehouse. The table rate shipping can take Warehouse ID and set shipping prices, especially flat shipping for the Warehouse. This version […] [Read more]
Strongly secured enhancement in credit card payment with X-POS 2.4
SmartOSC has just released the latest X-POS version 2.4 with advanced functionality, making the X-POS one of the most rich featured Point of Sales in the market. Regardless of the exiting features such as  friendly user interface, cash drawer report, opening cash drawer through receipt printer, offline mode, swipe function for credit card, barcode support, […] [Read more]
X POS Point of Sale v.2: Advanced Search Configuration
X-POS 2.3.1 is the latest release of the POS solution from SmartOSC, featuring new functionalities and improvements. New Features: – Advanced search configuration – faster and more accurate searches – Email notification to shop-owner – Handle both Billing and Shipping address in X-POS interface I. Advanced Search Configuration This feature gives the shop owner several […] [Read more]
Magento integration with Supercom

Magento integration with Supercom

Apr 2012
 - Posted by: rascator in Magento Modules
A must-have extension for shop owners which help to streamline the order process and improve workflow for better product management between two systems. This integration with Supercom, one of the most preferred distributors of computer products and consumer electronic products will surely save you a lot of time and money. [Read more]